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Jet2 announces major investment into UK SAF production


Jet2 plans a major investment into a new sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production plant to be constructed in the North West of England – one of the first such deals in UK aviation.
The agreement will see Jet2 invest an equity stake in the plant and expect to receive more than 200 million litres of SAF over a 15-year period – which would be one of the longest SAF supply agreements currently.
The Fulcrum NorthPoint facility, being developed by Fulcrum BioEnergy, is a waste-to-fuels plant which will be located at the Essar Stanlow Manufacturing Complex in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.
Production of SAF is expected to commence at the plant in 2027, and when at full capacity 600,000 tonnes of non-recyclable household waste, which would otherwise have been destined for incineration or landfill, will be converted into around 100 million litres of SAF annually.

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