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Collaborative efforts with the FIA World Rally Championship

Clean Fuels for All is the name of the pathway of the fuel manufacturing industry to contribute to reaching European Union’s climate objectives.

We demonstrate how renewable fuels can decarbonise transport, enabling all new and old road transport vehicles to be climate neutral by 2050, and securing the availability of these fuels for the aviation and maritime sectors.

It was a natural step for us to partner with the FIA World Rally Championship, as it is the first world championship using a 100% sustainable drop-in fuels, making this collaboration a unique opportunity to showcase the existence of these new fuels.

Indeed, by being present at the European stages of the World Rally Championship it allows us to inform consumers and users about all the alternatives for decarbonising transport.

Renewable Fuels Promo Van

#CleanFuelsforAll by FuelsEurope has developed a mobile information area about renewable fuels that can be found at the European stages of the WRC. Curious rally aficionados have already visited the #CleanFuelsforAll van during the Rally Monte-Carlo, Rally Sweden, Rally Croatia and Rally Portugal. In this promotional van, visitors are able to get the answers to their questions on renewable fuels, feedstocks, carbon cycle and much more!

Come and visit us at the upcoming WRC stages. We have a lot of information to share with you… and also goodies!

WRC Innovation Forum

WRC Innovation Forum takes place in the framework of the FIA World Rally Championship as a unique platform to advance race-developed and proven innovations for their potential application in everyday motoring, global transport, and interrelated industries.

Through disruptive technologies, such as 100% renewable fuels, WRC and its innovation-driven partners are in a unique position to provide a platform for accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future.

The forum bring together key motor sport and mobility stakeholders, leaders from international organisations, government representatives, policy makers, the public and private sectors, academia, and the wider WRC community. This year’s first Innovation Forum took in Monaco and there was a clear consensus: There is no silver bullet for the future of clean mobility.

“Politicians want to see what is possible. Motorsport gives us the ability to actually see that in real life. In this case, we are talking about new technologies like renewable fuels in hybrid vehicles – vehicles that are very eficient but still with a combustible engine being climate-neutral. Motorsport is demonstrating that and sharing it worldwide. That is exactly what we need.”

John Cooper, FuelsEurope General Director

“There isn’t a silver bullet solution. Carbon is not the enemy. From a climate perspective, fossil CO2 in the atmosphere is the enemy.
Carbon negative and climate-friendly action is possible through sustainable biofuels, e-fuels, and other sustainable fuel pathways.”

Prof. Ing. David Chiaramonti, PhD, Professor of Energy Economics and Bioeconomy at Politecnico di Torino