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FuelsEurope represents the EU conventional and renewable fuels & industrial value chains products manufacturing industry in the policy debate with EU Institutions and other stakeholders, providing an expert opinion on the production process, distribution and use of our industry’s products, in order to contribute to a regulatory framework that:

  • Promotes EU excellence in technologies contributing to the energy transition towards society’s climate goal;
  • Boosts sustainable development through supporting a competitive EU industry;
  • Establishes effective, technically feasible and sustainable requirements to protect human health and the environment.

We, EU Fuel Manufacturers, support the European Union’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050 and have developed a potential pathway showing how we can contribute to this objective thanks to renewable fuels.

The Clean Fuels for All campaign was launched in 2020 to demonstrate the strategic role of renewable fuels in the transport sector based on this pathway. It started by providing information on these fuels, showing existing projects and explaining the policy principles necessary to deliver our climate-neutral ambition.

Since 2022, this pan-national campaign also aims at informing consumers and users about the different alternatives for decarbonising transport, what renewable fuels are and what they are made of as well as their benefits in terms of emission reductions.

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