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Mercedes target major emissions reductions for European leg through use of biofuels


As Formula 1 heads into the European section of the calendar, Mercedes are targeting a reduction in their emissions by 60% and are looking to save 200 tonnes of CO2 through the use of biofuels over the course of the next few races.

Mercedes have revealed that, alongside their title partners Petronas, they are working to have a fully biofueled European season, following a successful trial in 2022 that saw an 89% reduction in C02 freight emissions – with the goal being to have a sustainable future as well as leading their team and Formula 1 to a Net Zero future.

The eight-time world champions say that their plans involve their Mercedes-Benz Astros trucks, which will transport all their freight over the course of nine races in Europe. They will be fuelled by HVO100, a second-generation biofuel.

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